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Success Stories

Here are our Success Stories.

I  would like to thank Dr Kris Harm with a massive amount of gratitude for your support and the excellent spinal adjustments which helped me run to the finish line and cross it in 4th place in my category in the 2013 triathlon world championships. I just missed beating the reigning world champion by a minute. My body felt really good the entire race and I believe you gave me the physical edge and final tune up to be able to race at this level and be competitive. 

So again thank you very much from this Australian :)

Andrew Gibson, Hervey Bay, Queensland

While still at the young age of 30 I have been receiving regular chiropractic treatment for over twenty years since the age of ten. Over the years prior to meeting Krister Harm I had been treated by many different chiropractors.

I met Krister Harm in 1998 and have been receiving regular treatment from him ever since. I cannot recommend him highly enough, he stands apart from all the other chiropractors I have met before with intuitive knowledge leading to treatment which keeps me mobile and free of pain while I carry out my demanding work as a freelance photographer

Put quite simply there is no one else I would entrust with the health of my back, if you have put up with back pain and discomfort for any length of time then Krister Harm should be your first (and in my opinion, only) port of call.

Mr Oliver Knight, Freelance photographer, Middlesex

After years of back pain and intrusive back surgery, I decided to opt for alternative treatment at Sensus Health & Wellness.

The treatment that I have received from  Krister Harm has assisted me in pain management and also provided me with expert advice about my posture and prevention care.

I only wish that I had received my treatment prior to surgery, as I feel certain that I could have avoided intrusive surgery.

The internet page also provides quality advice and I know that I can always contact Kris for advice.

Highly Recommended

Kerry Ainge, Team Manager, London

The Therapists are professional, knowledgeable and courteous. I highly recommend this clinic

Mr Shane Palmer, Engineer,  London

My husband and I have been having treatment with Kris Harm since 1999. We would highly recommend him to anyone.

Jean & James Buchanan, Croydon, Surrey

I have suffered with a 'bad' back for over 20 years. I go into Kris's treatment room with varying levels of pain, frustration and despondency. I come out with a sense of well-being. Kris not only relieves the pain, he understands the frustration and helps dispel my sense of despondency. He really cares about those of us who suffer with our 'bad' backs. Highly recommended.

Ms S. Wilson, Solicitor, London

I have had many ongoing problems with my spine, ever since I had a slipped disc 5 years ago, I had ongoing on and off pain and felt that I was constantly in fear of it "going." However, I was recommended Sensus Health & Wellness through word of mouth. I had never tried Chiropractic before. However Emma was very reassuring and professional, and explained that it was something that Chiropractic could help. After a course with Emma my pain has completely gone, I know how to look after myself and visit the clinic every so often, to keep myself maintained. Thank you to all the staff and Emma at Sensus Health and Wellness. What a great team!

 Miss Laura Taylor, London

After three pregnancies having two c-section (one normal delivery and two c-sections), I was left with a bad lower back. I lost sensations around the lower abdomen and I found it hard to locate where to "squeeze" during the Pilates session. I decided to see Dr Kris Harm for chiropractic treatment. He realigned me and "fixed" my back and advised me to work on my core. I explained I was struggling to feel the core muscles.

During that treatment he advised me on a new machine they just received at that time: the CACI. This could, he said,help me re-educate my muscles and help strengthen my core and therefore give more support to my back.

The CACI did just that: after only a few sessions, I could see and feel the difference, my tummy was more toned and the waist was reshaped. More importantly, the CACI helped me "reconnect" my brain to my lower abdomen muscles. The CACI has helped me re-educate my muscles and I can now focus on the right part of the mid-section (core) when I train to increase power.

I just love this machine, not just for the aesthetic part but for all the health issues it helped to solve.

Mrs Fabienne Nacouzi, Fulham, London

I am a 68 year old grandmother with a degenerative back condition. When I was diagnosed 10 years ago all my GP could offer me was a high dose of pain medication.

Instead I started seeing  Krister Harm - Doctor of Chiropractic, and can not praise him enough, his treatment keeps me mobile and pain free. With regular visits he keeps my body away from any mechanical stress and I always feel fantastic after.

Mrs P.Todd, Croydon, Surrey

I cannot recommend Sensus Health & Wellness enough.

Having endured back pain and lack of flexibility for over 10 years, and trying many other chiropractors, osteopaths, acupuncture etc, without any long term improvement, I found Dr Emma Biddel at Sensus Health & Wellness.

From initial thorough consultation to treatment cannot I recommend them highly enough.

My back pain has reduced significantly, by at least 95%, I now have the flexibility in my back to be more active and rarely suffer any acute pain.

Through treatment and following exercise / stretching programs provided by Dr Emma Biddel, as a team we have eradicated the discomfort I have endured all my adult life

Ozan Tahir

Collateral Management

I purchased a voucher and I was in for a treat. The place was convenient for me as I attend a course in the area. The facilities were nice. The Chiropractor is lovely very professional but more importantly have wonderful hands. I came in with a very stiff neck and shoulders. And in the course of three sessions i can honestly say I feel much better and is delighted of my purchase. I would recommend this chiropractor centre to anyone. It’s well worth it.

Audrey Neizelien

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